Courses during the 2019-20 SP term
Advanced writing students experience a rigorous and immersive course that takes them through a portion of the curriculum of the MFA Winter Residency, engaging them in graduate-level discourse and offering them some sense of the graduate school experience. Students are present for the ten-day January residency of the College?s MFA Program, where they attend the readings, lectures, and courses offered by MFA faculty and graduating students. Alongside these events, students engage in seminar discussion of topics raised in the Residency, pursue the readings in greater detail, and map a workplan for the upcoming workshop. Students may enroll in WRI 3940 alone but are strongly encouraged to enroll in the sequence. They cannot take WRI 3950 Creative Writing: MFA Workshop without WRI 3940. An application is required. May be repeated for credit.Prerequisites: A 200 level course in Poetry, Fiction, or Nonfiction and permission of instructor.