Courses during the 2019-20 SU term
In this course, we will study the short story. It's actually my favorite genre because, like Edgar Allen Poe says, it should be short enough to be read in one sitting. Short stories are typically terse, compact narratives. That means that every word counts. As this course evolves, we will try to understand not just the WHAT of short stories (plot,character, etc.), but also the HOW (point of view, setting, theme, style, etc.). In order to narrow our reading, I have selected only stories by writers in the U.S. I've included a few from the 19th century to give you a sense of how the short story began to develop in the U.S., then we will focus largely on 20th century stories, and then we move into just a few recent works. We will read these stories in chronological order just so that you can see how the short story as a form develops. However, as you discuss these stories in moodle forums, you will make connections throughout numerous stories, regardless of time period. In the end, I think this course will be a great experience regardless of your major. I have included some little nuggets for writing students along the way. Thanks for joining me for the course!