This course combines classical acting theory and practice with close study of Shakespearean texts. There is special emphasis on vocal and text preparation methods. Projects include the presentation of an ample selection of scenes, monologues, and sonnets. Students read and discuss several Shakespearean plays, considering Elizabethan context, as well as learn proper pronunciation of Shakespearean vocabulary. Students are required to memorize and perform these texts in both solo and ensemble situations. When possible, the class culminates in a public performance. Attending some live performance events in the community and writing papers detailing and reflecting on these performances is required. This course may be repeated for credit once as THR 4410.Prerequisites: THR 1170 Acting I or permission of instructor.General Education: Artisitic Expression

*Some practice, content, and points of view may be different during the coronavirus pandemic.  See the syllabus for Fall 2020, posted on this site for more relevant information.