Horror literature and film has always engaged with issues of social justice, either directly or through highlighting the fears of a particular historical moment. The current “resurgence” in horror fiction and film is no different, and writers like Paul Tremblay and Victor LaValle and directors like Jordan Peele and Ari Aster are open about their intentions in making social justice issues central to what they do. This course will look at the ways contemporary horror not only raises awareness of social justice issues but may also mark a path toward possible solutions.

A Warren Wilson College education conveys knowledge as well as the skills to critically consider and put that knowledge to use to address complicated real-world problems. Warren Wilson’s educational emphasis on the development of civic identity offers the skills, knowledge, and experiences that foster in students the capacity and commitment to effectively work toward a just, equitable, and sustainable world. The First Year Seminar at Warren Wilson introduces students to civic identity development through a theme-based course that is academically challenging, community-engaged, and writing-intensive.