Students in this course develop a written proposal and secure approval for their Capstone Practicum or Thesis project that is completed in the subsequent PSY 4840 Capstone Practicum or PSY 4850 Capstone Thesis course. This is the first of two courses required for psychology majors who entered Warren Wilson College beginning Fall 2014 and counts as an upper level elective for students who entered prior to Fall 2014, replacing PSY 4910 Advanced Research I.Prerequisite: PSY 1000 Introduction to Psychology; MAT 1410 Statistics or MAT 2530 Statistics for Natural Sciences; PSY 2250 Explorations in the Psychology Major; PSY 2310 Research Methods in Social Science; at least 8 credits of upper level psychology coursework; and junior standing; or permission of the instructor.General Education: WAC 3: Writing and Research for the Major