IS: Independent Study-

Ceramics Studio Management and Operation – 2 cr

Spring 2021

Description of Objective:

The goal of this course is to gain practice and expertise in Ceramic Studio operation. I will learn how to load, fire, and maintain Geil, electric, and salt kilns. I will become proficient in reclaiming clay and the operation of the pugmill. I will learn about the chemistry of glazes and become proficient enough in glaze work to create my own. I will learn about the health and safety concerns of a studio including air quality indicators and regulation. I will become comfortable with the business side of studio management and operation including photographing work, ordering materials, packing and shipping, and record keeping.



We will use “Setting Up Your Ceramic Studio” by Virginia Scotchie supplemented by other materials including stand-alone readings, videos and documentaries.


Number and Distribution of Conferences:

1 formal meeting every week with intermittent contact as needed.



There will be benchmarks throughout the semester. Because it is studio management, the assessment will be partially made based on how efficiently and effectively the student completes tasks in the studio. Benchmarks will include the successful firing of the salt or Geil kilns (Pending enough work produced by all ceramics students to do so more than once), the successful creation of a new glaze, successful processing of reclaim clay, oral quizzes on health and safety, or clay ergonomics. There are several opportunities for creating skills checks throughout the semester. The semester will culminate in two projects, the first will be a production of work using the glaze making, clay reclaiming, and kiln firing skills that the student learned throughout the semester. This collection will be something with a theme that requires planning, and practice and works together as a set, no more than 6 pieces. The second piece of evaluation will be a two-page plan on setting up a studio including prioritization of materials and budget and connection between materials and desire for production.